Super Scientists:

Do you like finding out how things work? Are you the curious child who likes to try and experiments, but never have the chance to do so? Well, then this is the class for you. Come prepared to create and try out your own scientific experiments and have an awesome time doing so.


This class is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture through song, stories, games, artwork, food and video clips. You will have a lot of fun in this course while learning a new languge.


Is your life just too busy to sid down and read? Do you find that a whole week flies by and your child has not read for enjoyment? The best way to be better reader is to pracitice! This course is designed to allow your child to develop and enjoyment of personal reading. Diffferent genres will be explored with an emphasis on finding a good book and getting into it.


Students wil learn the basics of camera use, different types of photography, including portrait, nature, and stull life, and some editing methods. Students may bring their own cameras with USB download cards Grades 4th-8th


In this class we will talk about food, nutrition and the food pyramid. Lots of classroom games and activities to play while at the same time learning about tasty, healthy foods!

2013 Summer Tuition Rates:

Registration Fee :$20